How To Hire A Reliable Cto For Your Startup

Now, when you have an understanding of how to find a CTO to build an app and what to expect, feel free to contact us for the first consulting and we’ll help you with picking the best option. Outsourcing Development Team is a massive resource, offered at a reasonable price. Hiring a trusted team, you don’t meet any management issues, the teamwork is well-coordinated and adjusted. This, in turn, guarantees the achievement of goals as soon as possible. For management, it is a chance to focus on their business goals and marketing activities without being distracted by the technical part. I always advise executives and hiring managers that they think of questions that demand “out-of-the-box” thinking when looking for an IT role in the management categories.

Thus, despite any technology strategies you require, they will also assist in creating and meeting business objectives. With a high level of experience and utilizing cross-domain knowledge, the hours required in managing the technology resource is decreased. The learning curve lowers due to centralized reports and the use of automation tools. As fractional CTO is usually on the fixed-cost or on-demand arrangement, it reduces the office expenses and payroll.

Where to hire a CTO

Another common pitfall is not ensuring alignment on objectives across the executive team. This is a perfect time to let a fractional CTO step in and help you out. Fractional CTOs have experience in many industries due to them being hired as temporary contractors. This has given them the skills to develop and launch products in ANY industry. While all of them are vital to the success of the company, no role is more important than that of a vision keeper. A CTO is the one person that understands the company’s vision and the role that technology will play in that vision.

Thus, with the reusable knowledge, there will be a low cost of research and implementation. You have many software developers but don’t possess adequate knowledge or the right experience to develop strategic decisions for the business. Also, you might need to take on a fractional CTO if you realize there is a need to invest in technology, but your leadership team doesn’t have a technology expert. I might consider having a VP of Engineering report to me if I already have considerable experience managing large teams, but my responsibilities supersede just engineering management. In this scenario, I’d remain very deeply engaged in the management of the engineering team, as it will likely be the most challenging and important aspect of organization responsibilities I ultimately own.

What Is The Difference Between A Part Time And Fractional Cto?

Companies today must be proficient at technology to win in their market and to expand into new products and services. This means having senior, seasoned technology leadership represented at the executive level. We have seen the product and technology function layered in almost every corner of an organisation – whether under marketing, sales or even finance or HR. However, in today’s world, it needs to be a strong function that sits at the top table and contributes to the company’s strategic direction. For a startup at an early stage, it is ok to lack technical expertise in the team. Most often, ​​the idea of creating a product comes to people closer to business rather than to the technical field.

More affordable for startups than in-house workers and development agencies. Contractors, especially those outside the country, are typically far cheaper than an in-house CTO or a development agency. However, that doesn’t mean that a remote contractor is always a student or someone who’s looking for a part-time job. You can check if a candidate is a cultural fit only when your company or team already has strictly defined corporate rules, values, and goals.

Where to hire a CTO

So, you need to encourage your CTO to give feedback, challenge conventional thinking and comment on commercial matters as part of your executive team meetings. If you want to grow your team while still cutting costs, fractional hiring may be just the solution you’re looking cto duties for. Finally, any potential CTO candidate needs to be prepared to be the external-facing technologies for the company. When anyone (vendors, investors, reports, etc.) wants to talk about anything technology-related to the company, the CTO is the person they will talk to.

What Is Staff Augmentation? Strategy To Expand Your It Team

A start-up, for example, might hire a Fractional CTO to develop its technology roadmap and initial strategy. Companies launching new products or services are known to bring in Fractional CTOs long enough for them to see the project through. As organizations navigate a sudden shift to remote work, Fractional CTOs are useful resources to address the technological needs and necessary implementation requirements. If you want someone to review your resources and craft a strategy for the short term, perhaps the adequate role is a technical advisor. Or, if you need someone to be on top of your development team and control the processes, a VP of engineering can be the right fit. However, if you do need someone to help you scale your business and be in charge exclusively of managing your tech strategy, then hiring a CTO is the right choice to make.

Chances are your CTO is not going to work very hard on the programming and coding of your products. He will be more invested in meetings, future projects, and finalizing budgets. If your CTO has a way with words, he will easily persuade anyone, which might end up profiting your business.

Otherwise, you can make do with developers and IT directors instead. Teams must look inwards and see if the candidate who they want to hire can be given enough attention and brought up to speed in terms of skill gaps. This is especially true for highly agile, smaller engineering teams, and may not be a problem for bigger organizations. Senior developers will have the hands-on coding skills you need, and likely have experience working with a variety of technologies, where a CTOs programming skill set may be more limited.

Where to hire a CTO

Ask candidates to solve a simple coding task on a board or a sheet of paper during the interview. This is an easy way to check if someone can work independently without any external help and searching on the internet. Monitor laws and regulations that can impact the product’s technical roadmap. Continue reading if you are looking for the right criteria to judge candidates on. Questioning will highlight missing information and holes in the reportee line of thought and will help them find their own solutions.

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Unless all of these are ticked, I am sorry to say but you hired wrong. And if all these are indeed met and you still fail to retain your employees beyond a point, then the problem circles right back to hiring. Eventually, our interim CTO service will need to be replaced by a full-time CTO, because you will keep growing and win, right? But for now, what you need is a dedicated and experienced partner to help make wise choices, cultivate your team, and build your product. Governments have dozens of grants, including technology and business grants, which can go a long way in funding your business. They know how to apply for grants while aligning the applications with your business technology development roadmap; this will keep off many competing priorities.

It is great for people who are just starting and need numerous services. These studios can provide you with all these services, and you will not have to look further. If you don’t have the resources to hire a full-time CTO, it is advisable to go for a fractional CTO. A part-time CTO is quite affordable, and they will build technology strategies, guide your business and offer technical leadership at a low cost. You have a great innovative idea, but you don’t have the skills needed or the ability to manage your team.

By checking the authors of recommendations and dates when they were written, you can match recommendations with previous jobs a candidate has held to find out if the recommendations are legitimate. Visiting tech and professional events in your niche — and organizing them — offers a great opportunity to extend your network and get to know people in your industry. Once you’ve formed your corporate culture, you can measure a candidate’s cultural fit and select the best candidates for your team. Technology gurus usually specialize in one language or technology. They may not want to shift to new, unfamiliar technology, even if it would be beneficial for the product.

Presenting the company at technical events, being fully responsible for its image and reputation in technical terms. I’ll expand more into remote hiring in the last point, but for now, your next step is evaluating your current hiring practices and improving them to find and attract the right talent. Advice on what are the best technologies to use in your business.

Check out our Simple Starter package—the safest way to start developing an app. If you do not do either of the above, at minimum headhunters should also be able to provide some validation on technical capabilities through references. Cooperation with business executives to identify, rationalize, and roadmap new business models and capabilities. Training in IT governance, ethics, compliance, project management, risk management, intellectual property rights, or information security, among other things.

You can analyze turnover rates, length of time to fill a position, volume of job applications, cost per hire, and quality of hire, among other things. A development team will cost you more than one remote contractor. If you want to choose a development agency for the CTO position but need a cheaper solution, you can look for outsourcing companies based abroad. If you hire a development agency to create your product, why not make this company responsible for all technical aspects of product ideation, development, testing, launch, and maintenance? If you don’t have enough technical background and can’t validate a remote CTO by yourself, an external professional or a software development agency can help.

  • Even if you don’t have a technical background and can’t validate an agency by yourself, there are some checks you can run to make sure that an agency is reliable.
  • Vineet Puranik, Senior Engineering Manager at DocuSign, discusses the impact of roadmaps, organization, and proper management for your teams to procure growth.
  • Before starting the recruitment process to hire a CTO, your first step should be figuring out if you need one.
  • Also, you are relieved from the headache of solving technical problems on your own.
  • Hypothetically speaking, the same culture should promote hiring people with diametrically opposite views and ideas.
  • You need to make sure that any person you consider for the role of CTO understands the company’s vision and the part that technology will play in getting the company there.
  • Creating solutions from scratch can cost you a considerable amount of money and time.

CTO is an essential resource in business, thus don’t skip; instead, consider the benefits that fractional CTO will bring into your company. Finally, instead of hiring a VP of Engineering, I might take a baby step first in figuring out how to deal with a growing team by hiring the first set of dedicated engineering managers. Yes, a background in business is extremely beneficial for both positions, but if we were to compare them, due to the nature of their work, CIOs would have a much larger need for business skills than CTOs. This is probably one of the most obvious ways to find a CTO, but should be mentioned anyway.

Find A Fractional Cto On Demand

Worse still, your team doesn’t have adequate knowledge of scaling your hardware and software solution. In such cases, large companies would take on the Chief technology officer. Unfortunately, for most startups and medium-size businesses, engaging a full-time CTO is out of the question. Now, when it comes to choosing between a CTO and a CIO, you want to look at your company’s products, services and goals.

Where to hire a CTO

Irrespective of the kind of corporation you plan on running, making sure that technology is implemented correctly is essential. To give clarity to the team, I worked in parallel on a career path for Akvo’s technical staff. Questioning on all those aspects confirms if the reportee understands the problem, possible solution, and that their decisions are data based. Grumbling about it with an old friend from university, Jose Bronet, he offered his help. As Senior Director at Cisco he has been managing big teams for years.

This CTO is in charge of operational technology and works as a team lead. Understanding market requirements to deliver digital products and services that will be in demand. How to find the best Chief Technology Officer for product development and growth.

Understand Why You Need To Hire A Remote Cto

Many companies find themselves at the point that they need a CTO before they have the resources to afford one. The best solution is to find someone who is willing to step in and fill the role part-time until the company is ready to make a full-time commitment. The CTO is responsible for managing all the technical people in the company. If they are to keep the vision, then they have to own the departments that are responsible for executing that vision. A good Chief Technology Officer will keep your dev team in line with their critical mission, but if you don’t have the funding to hire one full time, it can feel like a real catch-22.

Cto Responsibilities

A fractional CTO assists in ensuring company needs and goals are met by the current and future technology strategies; this is achieved through working closely with business and technology departments. Also, fractional CTO is responsible for managing technology strategy and leading in software development, integration, planning, and implementation. Even though a fractional CTO might not be onsite, but they are available and still organizing what you need and how you will get it. For a CTO, technical depth and understanding of business is very important, but there are also a variety of other skills a good CTO needs to master. Some of them are strategic thinking, communication, customer service, security management, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making and technical planning. Chief Technology Officers are members of the executive team who are responsible for ensuring that a company’s product utilizes technology in a way that will meet the customers’ needs.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Strong Cto?

Additionally, fractional CTO offers company leadership and necessary direct communication between operations and development teams. For a startup company, a technology expert is vital to building relationships raising funds for business growth. When you utilize a fractional CTO, the company profile improves without pending funding or excess overhead. The role of CTOs revolves around researching and implementing advanced technology and solutions in order to continuously improve the products and services that a company is offering its customers and clients. In addition to that, CTOs often directly manage engineering and development teams who design and develop company’s solutions.

Required Skills And Qualities Of A Good Cto

This way, you’ll avoid wasting money and time with bad hires or with lengthy hiring processes. They are constantly making critical decisions regarding where a product or project is heading and what steps the company needs to take to reach its goals. Because of this, not everyone highly involved in IT can become a CTO.